About Me

Lions are renowned for their strength and physical traits (manes). They are affectionate in their prides (communities) and enjoy good fellowship. Lions live unapologetically at the top of the food chain.

I am a lion. I have a mane to prove it.

My name is KaSandra Ruth Mitchell. I’m a twenty-something small town Kentuckian with big hair and an even bigger sense of adventure. I’ve worked at Disney World. I’ve traveled in ten countries on four different continents. I have lived in four states and currently reside on the Gold Coast in Australia with my better half.

All throughout my childhood and into my teen years, I dreamt of seeing the world. I imagined myself to be a hard-working independent woman with limitless potential. Though my work ethic as a high school student didn’t reflect this, my college career did.

I quickly became a worker bee and took classes more seriously (although not quite seriously enough), and I made a point to be as involved on campus in relatable clubs as possible. My experiences during college propelled me into the life I lead today.

I live an intense life. I love [myself and others] with intention. I am steadfast. I am diligent. I am adventurous, occasionally humorous, and awkward in most situations. It’s…charming?

I have an intense love for humans and traveling. I am obsessed with listening to the advice and wisdom of others, and spreading a little light and love as often and as far as I can.

I believe in hard work, saying “please” and “thank you” and the power of empowerment. I believe in Generations X, Y and Z.

My hope is to share some silly stories and anecdotes with you, along with advice from folks around the world, and bits of encouragement to help you unveil that beautiful, humble, badass lion in you too!

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