From the Hilltop to the World

My passion for traveling started at a very young age. From traveling to my dad’s every other weekend of my life, to family trips to the beach and/or mountains, to taking my first solo flight out west when I was 18, my appetite for new sites and experiences never ceases. My capability to travel, however, started at my alma mater – Western Kentucky University.

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5 Reasons to Travel as a Young Adult

I stepped onto my first solo flight to visit one of my best friends in Reno, Nevada when I was 18. Although I had been traveling around the country with my family nearly my entire life, this trip was different. I was going to spend five days in the west on a trip I had planned and packed for myself, which was blatantly obvious with my two FULL checked bags, one giant carry on “purse,” and an arm full of metal bangles because I was cool like that. When my stepmother asked me why in the hell I was packing so much, I replied with, “I get to be anyone I want to be.” By God, I packed enough to be seven different people every single day. She just shook her head and laughed, and rightfully so.

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It Was the Best of Times; It Was the Worst of Times.

One could assume that because I had the privilege of living and working in a manor house (for the love of all things holy, Harlaxton is NOT a castle) in the United Kingdom for four months, traveled nearly every weekend and found love along the way, that my life may as well be written in some Disney fairytale book, right?

*Insert eye roll, giggles, and maybe a little knee slap.*

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